Choosing The Right Commercial Upholstery

Choosing The Right Commercial Upholstery

by 7hx1PC |July 30, 2020 | Commercial Upholstery

Different Fabric Grade For Commercial Upholstery

When there are so many different kinds of fabrics available to choose for a commercial upholstery, you need to have a simple way to differentiate between the quality and durability of the material. Fabric grade and Double Rub counts are those values by which you can determine the quality of the fabric to be used for a commercial upholstery. Commercial upholstery is used on furniture that is well used. The upholstery for office furniture in a common area will be used by many people all throughout the day. It should be soft, comfy and durable.

A fabric grade will let you know the cost to manufacture, which is dependent on the type of fabric, construction and the thread count. It is a numerical or an alphabetical rating system starting from A to H. A is the least expensive fabric grade while H is the most expensive one.  Double rub count determines the strength of the fabric. For a commercial use furniture, the upholstery should hold up to 100,000 to 250,000 double rubs. If the fiber has 15000 double rubs, it is ideal for heavy duty use. Before choosing a fiber, you just need to remember that 3000 double rubs is equivalent to one year use. 

Tips To Consider When Choosing Fabric

Furniture upholstery can be very inviting, comfortable and can make a commercial space quite attractive. It is easy to maintain a commercial use of furniture with an upholstery. While purchasing the fabric for commercial furniture, there are several factors you need to weigh. You first need to decide where the furniture will be placed. You need to decide on the kind of durability required by the upholstery based on how often the furniture will be used. If your furniture is going to be sparingly used, consider sensitive and soft fabrics like cotton, silk and linen. If the furniture is going to be heavily used, then the upholstery has to be durable enough to withstand the use. 

Blend of two different fabrics and engineered fabrics are more durable than natural fabrics. The tighter the weave, better will be the durability. Exposure to direct sunlight will fade the fabric over time. Either you need to move the furniture away from the sunlight, or use a fabric that can hide the fade. It has a lot to do with the color of the fabric as well. Colors convey the mood of the space. Bright colors can be cheerful and warm tones can be relaxing. Choose the right color based on the space and its usage. Patterns of upholstery are also important. Some patterns can easily hide stains. Apart from the fact that the pattern matches the style statement of the space, it should also be cleanable and lasts long. Woven patterns are much more durable than printed ones. Size of the furniture should also be considered while choosing the pattern.

Cleaning is another important factor that needs to be considered before buying an upholstery fabric. A commercial upholstery will mostly be overused and can easily be stained and get dirty. You need to be aware of the cleaning method used for the fabric before purchasing. Fabrics can be either cleaned by water based products or dry cleaning products. The fabrics are also letter coded to easily understand how it has to be cleaned. Extra stain protection can prolong the life of furniture upholstery. Stain resistant solutions like Crypton Fabric can give permanent protection from moisture, odors, bacteria, moisture and stain. Specialized upholstery will require a special cleaning process. 

Additional Options For Commercial Upholstery

Commercial Upholstery needs to be durable. There are other fabric options that give utmost durability when it comes to commercially used furniture. Vinyl is one of the best options when it comes to providing protection from germs, stains and abrasions. It is similar to leather but a cost effective option. To add more protection, vinyl can be treated with a PERMABLOK finish. This kind of furnishing is mostly used in hospitality and healthcare settings. There is a specialized material known as healthcare vinyl that is resistant to urine, stains, sulfide, bacteria and any kind of moisture.

The most comfortable and classic option is always leather. Quality, colour and how well it can be cleaned must be the major factors you need to consider before making a purchase. Leather can actually look beautiful as it ages and can last longer making it apt for a commercial furniture. A layer of leather protector can be applied before using it for the first time. Mesh chairs are also ideal for commercial use. It is made of synthetic upholstery fabrics that are tightly knit into a mesh design. The holes in the mesh retain air flow and help you stay cool. It absorbs less moisture and stains and hence requires less cleaning.

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