Commercial upholstery cleaning and benefits

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Commercial upholstery cleaning and benefits

by 7hx1PC |June 6, 2020 | Commercial Upholstery

How essential is commercial upholstery cleaning? 

Your precious pieces of furniture are the face of your business. A well maintained, clean and wear-free furniture creates the perfect ambience and also reflects your discipline and meticulousness. Maintaining the cleanliness of the upholsteries might earn you bonus points especially if you are in a hospitality and healthcare industry.

However, keeping the tidiness is not only imperative to spruce up your business but also is vital to make your workspace dust and allergen-free. Professional upholstery cleaners often come across places the owners claim to be neat, loaded with unsightly spots and contaminants such as specks of dust, dead skin cells, and oils in the folds of the upholstered items. These contaminants can cause severe health conditions like respiratory problems, skin diseases and many others. This article takes a quick tour through the benefits of cleaning commercial upholstery and the methods followed by a professional upholstery team to maintain the cleanliness.

Benefits of commercial upholstery cleaning 

Businesses like hospitality, health care, educational institutions, and religious centres demand consistent cleanliness attention as thousands throng these institutions every day. The pandemic has made the relevance of deep cleaning the furniture even more imperative as the studies have revealed the presence of the virus in unexpected places. Apart from the pandemic scare, the presence of allergens can be harmful to the respiratory and skin health as well. 

The continuous exposure to the public is what makes the commercial upholsteries to be cleaned by professionals occasionally. Professional cleaning employs expert hands in cleaning upholstery surfaces who know to clean items correctly. Know more about the professional cleaning methods but not before understanding the benefits of commercial upholstery cleaning


Most upholstery are crafty pieces of art that make use of materials such as leather, linen, dacron, foam, cotton padding and many synthetic materials, attracting all sorts of allergens. The upholsteries due to their fibrous nature, collect dander, pollens, and dust over their course of usage. These allergens can irritate the sensory organs causing various types of allergies. Hence, a tenacious cleanliness habit is essential for the overall health and well-being of the people visiting these places.

Although the health concern is the primary reason for upholstery cleaning, an occasional cleanup of the furniture can also make your furniture look fresh and bright. Professional cleaning prevents the stain from forming on the fabric, removes body oil, odours and dust that clings on to the furniture. Good conditioning ensures the longevity of the materials and avoids the frequent change of furniture, thereby saving your expense.

Furniture in public spaces is subjected to exposures of varying kinds, from people coming from different places to accidental spillage of food items that contribute distinct scents to the upholstery. Although air fresheners or fragrances can hide your problems for a while, a professional cleanup is much recommended for a fresh scenting and odourless environment. Professional upholstery cleaners make use of specific materials and trained techniques that can correctly clean the furniture, making it look new. Continue reading to know the various methods used by professionals for upholstery cleaning.

Professional upholstery cleaning

Commercial upholstery cleaners are the expert team who are well aware of the varieties of materials used in the furniture. They use specific cleaning materials for a different upholstery and extend the life of the furniture by eliminating the wear possibilities. Professionals also take utmost attention in removing spots, stains, and persistent odours from the upholstery.

The commercial upholstery cleaning process

The professional cleaners are well trained and use professional accessories to eliminate odours, and stains to maintain the longevity of the furniture. The cleaning process is usually categorized into three phases.

Inspection and testing

The professionals in the first step perform small tests on the furniture to identify the best cleaning methods. They provide an estimated time before the cleaning service.


The actual work takes place in this step, where the team of professionals cleans the upholstery with products and equipment and removes the dust, pollens, and other allergens. Before the team arrives, ensure that you remove all the items from the surface and keep the area clutter-free.


The average drying time requires from one to six hours, but that depends upon the cleaning methods used. Air movers or fans are typically used for drying purposes.

The professional upholstery cleaners recommend the commercial upholstery cleaning at an interval of 12 to 24 months.

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