Tips to determine if the sofas are worth reupholstering or not

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Tips to determine if the sofas are worth reupholstering or not

by 7hx1PC |August 12, 2020 | Home-based Upholstery

Reupholstering – is it worth it?

You might think of a reupholstering work if your furniture holds a unique sentimental value or is an antique piece that you do not want to lose. Sofa reupholstery can also save your money and effort of going around searching for the new one. But at times, the reupholstering can turn out expensive and worthless if the furniture is not worthy of a repair. Identifying the worthiness of your treasured furniture can be a bit challenging if you are unaware of the make and quality of the materials used. Besides the quality of the old furniture, a whopping amount might be required to convert those pieces of furniture to a new look and finish. So, if you still think that your decision to reupholster your sofa is best, a thorough worth checking is advised to save on the efforts and money.

Three important things to check 

While you might have purchased an antique piece of furniture spending a fortune, many a time the decision to reupholster the sofa might be a wrong choice. The quality of the wooden frame and the coil spring foundation give the cue to the worthiness of reupholstering in most of the cases. Reupholstering works mostly involve a bit of expense than purchasing a new one as redoing the sofa upholstery often requires a high quality sofa fabric to avoid quick ageing. Given below are five ways that can help determine whether the sofa is worth reupholstering or not.

A Semi-Sofa Placed On A White Background.Age of the old furniture

An antique piece might have caught your attention at an exhibition or a junk dealer; but before making a deal for purchase, make a detailed inquiry of the history of the furniture. Experienced re-upholsterers might suggest holding in the urge of sofa upholstery, if the old furniture is built anytime within the last ten years. The sturdiness of the furniture is doubtful if the furniture is less than ten years old whereas furniture in use for 10 or 15 years is considered more robust and are durable enough for reupholstering.

Examine the frames

A sofa worth upholstering would have a frame made of hardwood that has fewer knots and joints conjoined by dowels & glue rather than staples. Determine if the furniture is hardwood or not, by lifting the sofa. If the sofa is massive, the sofa is sturdy enough to bear reupholstering. To be certain, try shaking the sofa arms, back, and check for wobbles and unsteadiness. The shaky ones are too weak to be reupholstered.

Check for the coils

A high-quality sofa would have coiled springs with twines across the platform. The S-shaped springs and rubber panels inside sofas might reduce the quality of reupholstering of the sofas. For the amateur ones, a quick look at the stretched dust cover will be a good indicator of reupholstering worthiness.

Keep these in mind as well

Foam checking

Check for the foam sturdiness and reusability by pressing or squeezing the padded portions of the sofa. Easily compressible or squishy foams make the piece of furniture unworthy for reupholstering. Firm and lumpy foams are the ideal requirement for a sofa upholstery.

Some Fact-checking

This tip primarily works with your emotional readiness to part with the treasured furniture. Compare brand new furniture with the tentative expense of re-upholstered furniture. And, if you are not still ready to discard the sofa, go on a sofa fabric hunt and look for a re-upholsterer to get your work done.

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