Know about different kinds of upholstery

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Know about different kinds of upholstery

by 7hx1PC |August 8, 2020 | Commercial Upholstery

How is upholstery used in day to day life?

Upholstery is a specified skilled trade that involves the art of restoring and crafting fine furniture with value details like padding, ultra cell foam, coil springs, webbing, channels, topstitching, and diamond tufting. Upholsterers may select designer brand leather or fabrics for high-end pieces. At present, upholsterers are continuing to utilize the same materials that are used by their early predecessors like the coil springs, linen, and leather. But, faux leather, cotton padding, foam, Dacron, and various synthetic materials have substituted straw, hay, animal hair like a hog, horse, and cow.

It can be used for both custom made and new furniture. If you are going to renovate or apply on used furniture, it is called reupholstery. It can serve various purposes like to restyle furniture, to make furniture comfortable, to restore furniture that requires repair.

Auto upholstery comes in several varieties. Some fabrics are simple to clean and remain durable. But some fabrics are known for comfort and style. Selecting the right upholstery makes a great difference. Before selecting the right upholstery for your car, residential or commercial purposes, it is necessary to see the available options, positives, and negatives of each type and also the cost. Some of the popular auto upholstery options include leather, vinyl, faux vinyl, faux leather, nylon, PVC, brushed nylon and suede. Every time you enter your vehicle, you will directly get in contact with the car seat. So, it is important to choose and set up the right upholstery. 

What are the three kinds of upholstery?

An Image of Interior And Upholstery Of A Modern Boat.

The upholstery looks unique according to the particular field. There are three types of upholstery and they are marine, commercial, and residential upholstery.

Marine upholstery: It refers to the upholstery present in the various boats and yachts. There are some challenges in offering this service which you cannot see in commercial and residential upholstery. Boats are always exposed to plenty of sunlight, wear, and tear and moisture. The upholsterers have to select the right fabrics. The material should be durable, fade-resistant, and mold resistant.

Commercial upholstery: It is utilized in various commercial markets like religious and government buildings, educational facilities, fitness and health centers, hospitality, and other commercial areas. When reupholstering, it is necessary to make sustainable options. If the furniture is well restored, it will last for years than the mass-produced alternatives. Reupholstering does not take much time than purchasing new furniture. It is also more affordable than purchasing. Thus, businesses can reuse their furniture by reupholstering and at the same time offer enjoyable and comfortable seating for clients. It is best to approach professionals for the best upholstery services.

Residential upholstery: Also known as domestic or traditional upholstery, it applies to furniture used in individual residences. Some people who have unique requirements usually approach professional upholsterers to develop custom furniture as per their needs. Some may wish to enhance their quality furniture like antique, traditional, or contemporary pieces to match their new design scheme.

Best examples of residential, marine and commercial upholstery

Marine upholsterers assist with boat exterior and interior upholstery including:

  •         Curtains and blinds
  •         Marine mattresses
  •         Built-in settees
  •         Sundeck cushions
  •         Covers for different applications
  •         Chairs, couches, and more.

Commercial upholsterers may create or reupholster:

  •         Outdoor seating
  •         Banquets and booths
  •         Barstools and chairs
  •         Particular pieces for industries with particular requirements
  •         Common area, lobby and waiting room furniture
  •         Office furniture like seating and partition panels
  •         Guest room furniture like headboards, armchairs, and more.

Residential upholstery includes:

  •         Draperies
  •         Outdoor patio furniture
  •         Bench seating
  •         Kitchen and dining room seating
  •         Cushions
  •         Ottomans
  •         Sofa and couches
  •         Chairs 

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