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Latest Trends In Upholstery In Designing A Home – Architects’ View

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What Is Upholstery And Why It Is Crucial?

Architects say that the upholstery fabric is a big investment any homeowner makes in their décor. The reason being that you don’t want to regret or second guess buying the new sofa because the colour was wrong, the material was itchy, or the threads snag! With the slightest mistake in the fabric, the look of the entire room suffers. At the end of the day, you end up spending more money to re-upholster the furniture. Know More about how to give a long life to upholstery here.

In this article, we help you pick the right upholstery fabric and talk about a few trends in the field. But before you go zeroing in the material, let’s grasp what is upholstery in its true definition. The padding, the spring, the webbing and the fabric of furniture makes the upholstery. From sofas to chairs, all of them utilize it. Over many centuries, since the trend started, various materials have been used for it, ranging from wool to cotton.

Currently, the inside of furniture consists of metal springs and foam. The outer material can vary as per taste. The one imperative factor to keep in mind while choosing upholstery is that the inner material cannot be changed once selected. The upper fabric can be switched in time, but the inside layers last for very long. Also, they make the most significant difference in comfort!

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How To Choose The Fabric From An Architect’s Point Of View?

Always let the practical requirement lead the way when shopping for upholstery says all the best architects. For this consider:

• Who will live in the house?
• Who will use the piece of furniture?

For example, while silk velvet may look gorgeous, it will not last even a single day in a dwelling that houses kids. So, let the answer to the above two questions be the guide to picking the fabric.

• Where will the sofa/chair be kept?

If the piece is in a room that sees high-traffic, you need to pick a comfortable inner material and durable outer fabric. If the sofa is in a room that doesn’t see much use, there will be less wear and tear. In such cases, any material is feasible.

• How will the fabric age?
• What will it look like in 5 years?
• Will it develop a patina and if yes, then will it still look as brilliant?
• Will it fade in sunlight?

With time, some fabric age. Therefore, consider the above questions and get the answers to each of them for any upholstery you pick. You don’t want a fabric that requires changing every five years, because it doesn’t age well.

• What are the cleaning needs of the fabric?
• How maintenance will it need?
• Will it require vacuuming periodically?

The amount of cleaning the fabric requires is essential as you don’t want to spend every alternate day struggling to clean the drawing sofa!

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A Few Trends In Choosing Upholstery Fabrics

Now that the guide to picking the fabric for your furniture is done with, it is time to talk about the latest trends. No one wants a home that looks out of place with the current era; therefore, here are some ideas to inspire you.

• Floral fabrics that show the natural beauty of flowers are big this year. They can be old chintz style or more abstract. Pick as per taste!
• While pure Ikat patterns are really out the window, a slightly geometric patterned upholstery will not go wrong in a formal room.
• Try to pick a fabric that has textural finish. They are extremely popular. Plus, if the upholstery is in jewel colour, then you have hit the jackpot for statement pieces.
• If jewel colours are not up your alley, then choose feminine tones. Warm pink, bronze, and blush are an excellent way to break the neutral shades of the wall. The only drawback is that they require more maintenance!

Focusing On Fire Safe Furniture

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Injuries can happen due to poorly designed furniture in your office or home. Safety standards have to be maintained to prevent illness and injury rates in an office environment. Apart from providing safety management programs, the company has to take special care in providing fire safe furniture with innovative solutions to make life secure and simple. Besten, a well known fire protection consultant offers unique and sustainable solutions to protect your workplace from unwarranted fire accidents.

The right kind of furniture not just provides comfort but also ensures the safety of the employee. The furniture layout has to encourage efficiency of work flow. It has to reduce health hazards and fatigue to improve the motivation of the employee to enhance performance. While at work it is important to maintain the right posture, this is possible only with the right kind of furniture. Providing your employees with the right furniture can increase the output.

Advantages of using right furniture in the office

  •         Increasing the overall efficiency of the office
  •         Improving the aesthetics of the office
  •         A sustainable work environment to end monotony and get relief from work pressure.
  •         Supervision made easy with easy maneuvering from one workstation to another
  •         The healthy and safety of the employee is improved as good furniture brings in positive flow of energy

Office furniture types

Uniformity has to be maintained throughout the office. Standardization is crucial for the aesthetic and functionality of the space. Though, each office have their own furniture requirements, the common items remains the same. Desks, chairs, cabinets, tables and other accessories make their furniture requirement.

Maintaining safety standards

Furniture purchased from approved furniture consultants come with safety standards. The hazard categories are described as low, medium, high and very high levels. While arranging the furniture it is important to consider the fire safety measure and the Means of Escape both for the employees and the visitors. The furniture has to be compliant with regulatory reforms for fire safety. Glass topped furniture could be unsafe, instead use polished wood or mica.

Other hazards in a work environment

Incorrect workstation and poor furniture layout could lead to hazards. The high risk areas have to be identified and the furniture has to be placed accordingly to safeguard from fire. The upholstery used on the furniture has to be fire resistant. Necessary fire extinguishing equipment have to be kept in place to bring the situation under control incase of unexpected fire. Wooden furniture are poor to catch fire quickly. Metal furniture are less prone to fire and are safe.

Durable furniture

Steel furniture are highly durable and is free from corrosion. It is the most popular among office furniture and is long lasting when compared to wooden furniture. The designs are ergonomic and eye catching to make your comfortable and stress free while at work.

Space saving furniture

Space is a major constraint for modern offices and with expansion plans in place it is crucial to invest in the right furniture. The basic needs should not be compromised when it comes to design as it directly connected to work performance. Comfortable furniture can add to the morale of the employee. It gives motivation to perform better.

Aesthetically appealing furniture

Great looking furniture is the cynosure of all eyes. A pleasing appeal can grade the office high in the eyes of the client.

Hygienic furniture

Easy to clean furniture can leave the space spick and span. It can also promote the wellness of the employee. You office can be free from complaints of sick leave.

Lightweight furniture

Lightweight furniture can make it convenient to move around. You can experiment LightWeight Furniture in Officewith the furniture regularly or make space for new furniture easily.

Modern furniture are multipurpose and space saving. Most of these come with a decent storage space to avoid investing in additional storage cabinets. Buying a multipurpose workstation is a novel and intelligent idea to save on space. Diverse companies and industries need different furniture solutions. No one design solution fits all. It is the responsibility of furniture consultant to take care of the aesthetics, functionality and safety of the space and employees before designing furniture for a work environment. It is the right of every employee to work safe and avoid injuries, the management has to show commitment towards their safety.