Things you should check before reupholstering

Sofa Image of Befor & After Reupholstering.

Things you should check before reupholstering

by 7hx1PC |August 20, 2020 | Commercial Upholstery

Things to consider while reupholstering 

There are chances for your favorite furniture to get damaged or look old. It does not mean you need to replace or throw away the furniture. One of the best options is reupholstering. If the furniture piece looks sturdy, you can think about ways to reuse it. When you are changing the material on the sofa or chair to give a new style, there are chances where you need to spend a few extra dollars. If you are wondering whether to reupholster or not, here are some of the important things you should consider before starting the reupholster task.

Type and size of the furniture:

Most people prefer to reupholster the chairs. The dining room and living room chairs are mostly selected for reupholstering as they do not need many materials like loveseats, sectionals, and sofas. It is affordable to refresh such furniture pieces. If you are considering whether to reupholster or not, you have to see the size. It plays an important part in the cost. When you want to add new upholstery to large pieces, you will require more labor and material. It is always recommended to begin with chairs.

Monetary and sentimental value before reupholstering

A Reupholstering Sofa.

The furniture’s value, be it sentimental or monetary, serves as the main reason to reupholster and bring it back to a new status. For example, you may not prefer to discard your mother’s favorite armchair. In this case, you can give a fresh look by adding a new fabric. You may have handmade dining room chairs. If it is made up of top-class materials, the value of the furniture will be more though it ages. It is best to do some minor changes to such furniture. Reupholstering by changing the old fabric or color would make the furniture look new.

If you can see damages, you have to check whether it could be resolved. Damages usually appear in three forms – structural, stuffing, or upholstery. If you have planned to repair, check whether the repair cost would be equal to a new furniture piece. It is common to notice upholstery damage. It includes stains from pets and spills, discoloration from sunlight contact and tears, and rips. It is not major damage. It can be fixed with reupholstery.

How much does it cost to reupholster?

If the upholstery requires some upgrade, you have to replace the stuffing. Lumps and bumps or worn out cushions mean your sofa requires new stuffing.  It is always important to consider the cost once you have decided to reupholster. Whether you want to update the style or freshen the furniture, surely, you have to spend a certain sum to see good results.

The cost of reupholstering mostly depends upon the materials, damage, and size of the furniture. Moreover, you should also consider labor expenses. Reupholstering is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Ensure to be prepared to pay a reasonable sum as labor expenses. 

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