How to select durable furniture fabric?

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How to select durable furniture fabric?

by 7hx1PC |June 15, 2020 | Home-based Upholstery

Tips to select durable furniture fabric

Most people have a lot of doubts about upholstery fabric. It is not simple to select a fabric just like that for your furniture. Though you have a lot of options and materials, it is hard to determine the right upholstery for your furniture. In such cases, it is best to consult furniture experts as they know which type is tough and suits your furniture model.

Leather fabric is the favorite option for many due to its durability. But some people do not prefer to have a room filled only with leather furniture. In this blog, let us discuss the top fabric options available for furniture.

Know about different types of fabric

Microfiber furniture fabric: One of the most durable furniture upholstery easily available in the markets is the synthetic microfiber. The durability of microfiber is mainly because of its super-fine fibers. It consists of tightly woven fibers and thus develops an effective layer of protection. When the furniture is enclosed with a microfiber cloth, it performs a great job. It holds up against most liquids, dust, and dirt.

Linen and cotton furniture fabric: Canvas and microfiber are said to the best and most durable furniture fabrics. But linen and cotton are equally strong fibers. They should be woven tightly to reflect durability. If it consists of the tight weave, it does not permit liquid, dust, and dirt to penetrate. It has fewer chances to snag. When fibers are not woven tightly, snags occur. Loose fibers hold on clothing and other objects, resulting in holes in furniture. Slowly, these holes convert into fabric tears.

Canvas furniture fabric: It has almost the same features as microfiber. However, it sacrifices overall comfort and softness due to the large fibers. It has been launched into the industry to protect outdoor furniture. The users noticed that it could withstand abuse from large wildlife, tornadoes, and hurricanes. It could also sustain daily wear and tear that the indoor furniture endures. In simple words, the canvas is a good durable furniture fabric. Most people do not prefer it because it does not offer long-lasting comfort and because of its rough texture.

How to select durable fabrics for your furniture?

In recent years, there are several durable fabric choices on the market. It is recommended to search for fabrics that are durable and at the same time comfortable. You may purchase an expensive sofa. You should also consider how to maintain it without any damage. Ensure to discuss with the furniture manufacturer or sales associate what kind of testing the furniture fabrics go through. Most of the fabrics are taken through several testing procedures as per industry standards. Strong machines pummel, stretch and pound the fabric several times to test for durability.

Evaluate weave tightness: It is recommended to see how close the fibers are stitched by closely examining the furniture. Search whether there are any gaps where dirt and dust can enter. Prod and pull fabric samples and see whether you can separate them in your hands.

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