Newest Design styles for Home Décor Furniture

Modern Interior room with beautiful furnitures.

Newest Design styles for Home Décor Furniture

by 7hx1PC |July 26, 2019 | Home-based Upholstery

Year after year trends and styles and client’s perspective of how their house needs to be styled keeps changing. The present craze is the usage of Dark Wood in furniture. Wood is considered not only one of the oldest but also the finest when it comes to home décor material. Dark wood gives a completely different vibe when it’s used against any pastel coloured wall. 

Similar to the past few years, metals are still in preference except with a small difference. The difference is that the metal used is mixed along with different other elements so as to create many innovative and subtle looks. Mixing metals with other elements is considered one of the top trending styles in home décor.

Bringing nature or the organic element into home décor is an idea in existence for a long time and is still a  preferred as part of the interior design. Including plants and shrubs has many health benefits apart from them being just an enhancement to the whole beauty aspect of the house.

Image of luxurious simple ratton garden furnitures.

Perspectives of Modular Furnishing in Home Décor

Everyone loves the idea of having furniture which can also be used in a multipurpose way. Example, a sofa cum bed, folding tables and chairs, etc. Thus furnishing the house with a modular perspective is unique and different.

Here are some of the ideas that can be incorporated.

  • Thinking out-of-the-box ideas on how materials can be reused and it gives a completely new and reinvented product.
  • Choosing a colour palette that is richer and brighter rather than being muted. 
  • Going subtle on the jewel tone from being very richer and dramatic
  • Keeping a single tone for both the paint on the wall and the furniture.
  • Having some sofa sets that are curved instead of the usual L-shaped giving it a perfect look to the room from all angles.
  • Making DIY crafts to decorate the house gives the customer the leverage to style the house the way he or she prefers.  

It is always good to renovate or revamp the house once in a while so as to give a different look to the place of living and according to the present lifestyle and its changes.

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