Collaborating Different Trends in Furniture Fashion

Image showing an inside view of modern style of living room.

Collaborating Different Trends in Furniture Fashion

by 7hx1PC |August 28, 2019 | Commercial Upholstery

The fact that one has to face is the diminishing trend of using furniture sets. Very few still follow the typical mid century or traditional ways of setting in their home. But the present generation looks into a combination of all the different styles right from mid century to the most modern piece of art for furnishing their house. But this requires expertise as setting up a home with mixed art work can be quite frustrating without proper knowledge of the same.

Techniques to Render Mixing Furniture Styles

  • Usage of lesser Colours

A cohesive look can still be maintained with a variety of furniture types in a room is by using less number of colours. 

  • Including Contemporary Style

Once the decision of mixing furniture style is fixed, the best way to start is by including contemporary art or fixtures into the room. Of course there will be a clash in styles but it will make an abstract statement.

  • Be Size-centric 

Importance needs to be given to the proportions between size and space to the object that is going to be placed. Playing with different sizes and shapes of objects through random placement is fun.

Dark Ash apartment of living room with furnitures.

Mixed Furniture Style breaking the Traditional Design Rule

  • Influence of Repetition

One might wonder but it is true that repeating the same kind of patterns to colours or objects actually creates beauty in the eyes of the viewer in a mixed style furniture based room. 

  • Theme the space uniquely

Another manner to collaborate different types of furniture’s is to give importance to a specific theme. 

  • An Object of Pure Inspiration

The true art of inspiration starts from placing an object very close to one’s heart and build the space around it. 

  • Striking a Balance

The importance given to scaling and sizing also matters when it comes to striking a balance between different furniture trends in a room by using materials that render good contrast and create a good layering.

It is important to educate oneself with knowledge on how to put together a mixture of furniture styles in an innovative yet thoughtful manner so as to create a story and a meaning to each object placed.

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