Furniture Trends Showcases Company’s Modernisation Journey

Modern Living room with furnitures.

Furniture Trends Showcases Company’s Modernisation Journey

by 7hx1PC |July 10, 2019 | Commercial Upholstery

Enhancement in workspace also in par, enhances the interior design of the whole office including furniture. Keeping aside the variance available in traditional furniture, going in for some modern concepts will do good to the present day office setup. Design elements such as collateral workspace, advanced technology setup in all desks, Plant pots and more natural effects, etc.will all affect the choice of furniture chosen to redecorate the work area. 

Forecast on Trendy and Modern Workspace Furniture

  • Co-working Space Furniture

Many SMEs, freelancers, employees working remotely and many others are using co-working space as an option of convenience to spend their time working, which is also cost efficient. Renting a co-working space also provides flexibility of time along with dedicated filing cabinets as part of the rental contract. This thus gives employees the convenience of leaving their personal belongings for the day and return the next day to work in the same space. Such co-working spaces see a lot of modern and sleek sofas, couches, lounge chairs as furniture adding more cosy yet comfortable vibe while working. 

  • Lounges and Informal Workspace

Many corporates are trying to render a workspace like a living-room with pillows, cushions, couch, chairs, etc., so as to make the employee comfortable and feel at home during work. It is believed that this idea of furnishing helps increase creativity and makes this a space to build relationships. They are informal areas in office which cannot be used for long hours of working. 

  • Office Furniture is made “Smart”

Earlier on fixing some electrical options onto desks or aiding with managing all the cables that run from a desktop was part of the technological collaboration with office furniture. But the present era has transformed the way the employees engage with their desks. 

      1. Standing desks that have Bluetooth connectivity that helps connect to even mobile apps
      2. Touchscreens that are rooted to the top of the table
      3. Wireless charging ports for smartphones
      4. Smart space under the desk to hold the CPU
      5. Device to manage the magnetic cables

These technological advancements help manage the employees digital world in a much innovative way. 

Modern Workspace with Sofa and Furnitures.

Choice of Furniture Equals to Work Efficiency and Employee Wellness

  • Productive Office Space

Conference rooms or meeting rooms with collaborative work desk helps employees have a distraction-free area with no noise. Distractions can be reduced at work tables by adding privacy panels that can be adjusted and installation becomes easy. They are also cost-efficient. Many companies are investing in special sound-proofing material so as to completely eliminate distractions even in an open workspace.

  • Incorporating Nature to the Floor Plan

Adding plants, running water artificial fountains, shrubs, fish tanks, etc., brings in a lot of positive energy to office space. These biophilic design brings in more freshness. Including large windows bringing in natural sunlight and furniture made of wood helps take care of employee wellness as the air that they breath is purified. 

Technological improvements are set to take complete charge in transforming the workspace into a fully functioning digital environment. Including organic elements into the designs elements enhances the employee’s health and productivity in a much enhanced manner.

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