Tips to an Innovative Home Revamp

Image of modern contemporary style of kitchen.

Tips to an Innovative Home Revamp

by 7hx1PC |August 5, 2019 | Home-based Upholstery

The Break of a New Year is a time when many people would want to refurbish, Clear junk and revitalise the interior of the house. Every year there are many new design innovations coming up with some years, furniture and fixtures take the prime place. Clients look for furniture that are affordable, has good sustainability, multi-functional and also appealing to their taste and style. 

Revamping Ideas Incorporated into Home Furnishing

  • Organic Friendly

Incorporating plants and shrubs have been in practise for ages and it still is in forefront when it comes to design elements. It renders freshness, a calm atmosphere and also enhances the look of the entire space. With the world racing towards technological innovations, having a bond with nature is always a great idea. A combination of small shrubs and large plants can be randomised in all parts of the rooms in the house.

  • Adding a Brighter Colour Palette

Adding some bold colour by placing some statement accent of bright wall pattern or colourful drapes, window curtains. Navy blue, Raspberry, Burnt orange, Hunter green and Deep red changes the complete perspective of the whole place.

  • Including the Aspect of Multi-functionality

It is the era of wanting to have furniture and accents that are also multifunctional, smart and small yet trendy in their looks. These types of furniture will be able to adapt to varied space and requirements.Alongside modernisation the main factor is to come up with innovative ideas that are practical and simple.

Image showing modern type of living room.

Pattern and Highlights act as significant factors

  • Different Shapes and Patterns

Having a humongous pattern with bold and bright colours add a complete contemporary look to the whole space making even the smallest room look radiant and boastful. Having additions such as shaped vases, wall hangings, colourful rugs and cushions, etc., will fulfil the same.

  • Rug up the floor

Area based carpets and rugs are available in different shapes, sizes ans elegant colour that can add a lot more beauty to the fifth wall, the floor of the house. Having a floor lamp brightens the whole rugged area adding more awe to the whole space. 

Adding such decorative and design elements, elegant yet multifunctional seating options, poufs and cushions in art worked and patterned styles sets the standard of revamping to a whole new level.

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