The Right Sofa Fabric That Is Kid-Friendly

Home Interior With Sofa Having Pillows.

The Right Sofa Fabric That Is Kid-Friendly

by 7hx1PC |July 10, 2020 | Home-based Upholstery

Having a child at home drives us to take a lot of extra measures to ensure that the immediate environment is ready to take a beating and get bashed by them! Of course, every possible stone cannot be turned, but still, we could try our best. An accidental spill of ice-cream, juice lolly or even the dirty soccer shoes can leave the fabric damaged, and most of the time, the stains lead to final attacks or further damage to the material. Despite being aesthetically displeasing, it is not healthy to have such irreversible effects on the upholstery fabric. Sofas are often chosen to match the home theme by staying within their price brackets.

Prefer Stain Resistant Sofa Upholstery 

Stain-resistant sofa upholstery is to be preferred so that you are at peace of mind whenever the children are playing around the sofa with dessert in their hands or having snacks while watching TV. Microfiber upholstery is best for resisting stains. They come in various colours and styles, ensuring a contemporary approach as well. Most microfibers can be cleaned by water while specific material requires a compatible solvent as an upholstery cleaner. Some microfiber material is suede, and smooth while others are corduroy-like and dense. Another strain resistant as well as Kid-friendly upholstery is vinyl. When kids are dancing to their favourite tunes and jumping along with the springs making the sofa their very own toy trampoline, even if the springs break along with the frame, the material will still hold it all together! That is the magic of vinyl!

Fuss Free Cleaning Upholstery

To have cleanable material is also a blessing as children have this habit of doing good or drinks accidentally and sometimes while having simple quarrels. Wool and wool blends are excellent sofa upholstery materials that can be vacuum cleaned with an attachment to the vacuum cleaner. Dust can be removed easily, plus the spot cleaning is efficiently possible on wool material. They do not wrinkle or smash like other upholstery fabric. Leather is even a smooth going fabric for sofa upholstery. They can be designed to look extremely professional or also appear as the simplest of them all. The smooth surface makes cleaning a breeze. Although the material is very much prone to scratches, repairing is not an expensive or time-consuming affair. This ensures that the sofa lasts a lifetime without making any cosmetic upgrade expense.

Kid-Friendly Upholstery That Will Last Forever

Just like how much jeans can take a beating and keep going on, denim is an excellent sofa upholstery fabric. This material is strong, can take a beating and still keep going. Plus, the material can be customized into a plethora of colours that the children would find very soothing and comfortable to be around! Sofas can be tailor-made to suit the requirements of the children’s room.

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