What are the factors to consider while selecting upholstery fabric for the sofa?

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What are the factors to consider while selecting upholstery fabric for the sofa?

by 7hx1PC |June 20, 2020 | Home-based Upholstery

Factors to consider when buying upholstery fabric

Are you thinking of giving a fresh look to your old sofa? Do you want to change the entire appearance of the sofa? Well, you have taken an excellent decision. When you are reupholstering the couch, there are several factors to keep in mind especially when choosing a fabric. In this blog, let us discuss some of the important things to consider.

Durability: It is important to consider the usage of your sofa before selecting a fabric. Some people will just add a sofa in the living room only for guests in the house. But some people use the sofa on a regular or everyday basis. Do you have kids who love doing wrestling moves using your sofa? Do you have small kids who are keen on putting holes in the middle of the cushion? If you are facing such situations, you have to use durable upholstery fabric.

How to check the durability of the fabric?

Determine the number of polishes accomplished on the abrasion exam. If the fabric is meant for residential use, it should have 15,000 or more. It is best to select woven fabrics instead of prints since the life of woven fabrics is better than prints. Try to pick fabrics that have tight weaves. It is said that fabrics that are made using olefin are very durable.

Before selecting the fabric, consider the style. Textiles are available in numerous styles. Some of the common types of upholstery are fun, formal, ornate, or casual. You have to see whether it fits your present décor.

Role of the color of the fabric:

It is exciting to have fabrics with bold colors. At the same time, trendy colors look fashionable. Is it mandatory to upholster the sofa by choosing either of these options? Remember, there are no strict rules when it comes to choosing colors. You can select the color of your upholstery fabric as you wish. If needed, you can also choose a neutral fabric. It has chances to transform the entire appearance of the room.

When you add splashes of fresh colors on pillows, rugs, and curtains, surely, you can see a fresh look. It is not simple to change the entire sofa color when the trending color begins to look outdated. Colors can solve a problem or develop a mood. The fabric’s solid light color looks airy and inviting. The dark color helps in hiding dirt.

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