Appropriate Maintenance With Upholstery Cleaners

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Appropriate Maintenance With Upholstery Cleaners

by 7hx1PC |July 20, 2020 | Commercial Upholstery

Furniture Upholstery 

Upholstery fabrics add beauty and comfort to furniture. It is like clothing for extra care. It is not easy to clean a chair or a table when they are stained, but you can actually remove the furniture upholstery to get them cleaned and tidied. There are different types of upholstery fabrics available in the market. Broadly, it is classified into natural and synthetic upholstery fabric. Synthetic upholstery fabrics like polyester, olefin, rayon, nylon and more are easy to maintain and can resist fading, wrinkling, pilling and staining to an extent. Natural fabrics like cotton linen, silk, wool, and leather are soft and comfy. But most of them are easily susceptible to wrinkling and fading.

You should make a wise choice based on the usage of the furniture. Synthetic upholstery fabrics can be used for regular use furniture as they are easily cleanable. Whereas, natural upholstery fabrics can be used for occasionally used furniture. Whichever kind of fabric you are using for furniture upholstery, you need to maintain them neatly. A regular wash may not suffice especially if you are having children who are constantly spilling milk and food. 

Maintaining Furniture Upholstery Using Upholstery Cleaners


Furniture upholstery can give you the slip when you realise how tough the cleaning  process actually is. If you are going to feel lazy, you are surely going to be mocked for your dirty looking furniture. So, you better give a little priority for the maintenance. The cleaning supplies you need are dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, a steam machine and a microfiber cloth. Fill a big bowl with water and a few drops of dish soap. You need to wet the microfiber cloth and the entire area of the furniture upholstery you want to clean. It must be consistently wet throughout the stained area. Give the entire area a quick scrub. 

Areas that are heavily stained and soiled should be given special treatment. You need to spray a generous amount of hydrogen peroxide on them and leave it for 10 minutes. It is a safe way of handling stains for different types of upholstery fabrics. After 10 minutes scrub the area really well with the microfiber cloth. You can use a scrub brush to clean the corners and if your fabric is a sturdy one. Once the scrubbing is done, steam clean it for the perfect finish. You can use a steam cleaner for this purpose. If your furniture upholstery is a delicate fabric, then use microfiber cloth dipped in hot water to steam clean. Run the steam cleaner in a grid like way over the furniture upholstery. If there remains any stains, give it another scrub with peroxide. Dry the furniture upholstery and you will get a brand new one to adorn your furniture. 

A Few tips To Keep Furniture Upholstery New

If you are not using a steam cleaner, then use hot water, soap and peroxide scrub. Stain guard treatments are available at home supply stores. Spray this all over the upholstery to keep them looking clean and new. Spend a little extra time on the heavily stained area. Before using the soap and hydrogen peroxide, always spot check on the fabric. It is advisable as you can avoid color fading and wrinkling of delicate fabric. You can also avoid hard edges on the wet spot especially while cleaning a small area. 

You need to test both a scrub brush and the microfiber cloth to see which works best. Delicate fabric will require soft materials like microfiber. Do not miss the final steam cleaning as it can dissolve any dirt.

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