Ways to protect fabric upholstery

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Ways to protect fabric upholstery

by 7hx1PC |June 30, 2020 | Home-based Upholstery

Protecting your fabric furniture

New furniture is something that you cherish and spend a fortune to buy. And protecting those would require quite an understanding of the upholstery fabric and the umpteen ways to clean it. Though the furniture may be your pride for the initial one or two years, the low maintenance can dampen the charm of the upholsteries in the long run. The inaction at the right time can result in unwanted accumulation of dirt, oils, pollens, sweat, and distinct odour over your treasured furniture. Since the consistent exposure to contaminants is inevitable, you must be prepared for an alternative to protect your precious furniture’s longevity. This article is an excellent guide to all the new buyers who wish to give their upholstered furniture a long life.

How to protect the upholstery fabric of your furniture?

A velvety couch or an antique settee laden with the choicest of linen can be an owner’s pride, but untidy and unkempt upholstery can question your integrity and meticulousness. While one cannot avoid loads of dirt and other contaminants being accumulated on your treasured furniture, a plethora of amazing fabric upholstery cleaners are available in the market to protect your furniture. Proactive measures like investing in an upholstery protector, vacuum cleaner, stain, and odour removers are essential to protect your couches from the upending adversities.

Types of upholstery cleaners

Upholstery Protectors

Upholstery protectors are the type of upholstery cleaner that can protect your furniture from stains or spillages. These products can be pretreated on the upholstery to resist the stains from settling. Scotchgard and Vectra are two excellent upholstery protectors that can save your fabric upholstery from stains.


Recommended by most of the professional upholstery cleaners, Scotchgard protects your fabric upholstery from stains and spills by not letting them settle over the fabrics. In case of an accidental spillage, a simple rag cleaning can blot the liquid without affecting the fabric upholstery. This product is also ideal for silk or wool upholstery. Make sure that you keep on moving the spray can to avoid the saturation of the protector on a specific area. If you are about to purchase new furniture ensure that your seller pretreats your furniture with an upholstery protector. The impact of the upholstery protectors is expected to last for a year.

An Image of Pet Hair Remover For Sofa.Dust and pet hair remover

While pretreating with an upholstery protector is the first step towards protecting your fabric furniture, the exposure to dust, pet hairs, and crumbs are some of the unavoidable contaminants at home. Vacuuming the couches either weekly or monthly once is highly recommended to avoid these accumulations. So, if you are the owner of a furry being, go through two excellent products given below that can help you clear the fur off your couch.

Bissell commercial vacuum

Bissell’s commercial vacuum cleaners are lifesavers for those who cannot avoid owning a sophisticated vacuum cleaner. This upholstery cleaner comes with various essential attachments like upholstery brush and crevice tool that can clear off the minutest of dirt in your couch.

Evercare pet Mega cleaning roller

Those who cannot afford a mighty vacuum cleaner, Evercare pet mega cleaning roller is a useful option, for quick and effective cleaning. The lint rollers can pick up the pet hair scattered over your couch while being handy all along. Expert cleaners also suggest cleaning of pet hairs using a latex glove, kitchen sponge, or dryer sheets that are readily available at home.

Stain and odour removers

Stains and bad odours are unavoidable in the long course of couch usage. The worst thing is that the fabric upholsteries are quick to suck in these contaminants way too quickly. Though the upholstery protectors do their best to protect the stains from settling in, the experts suggest essential home ingredients for the removal of stain and odour from your favourite couch. Below are two such products that are handy and quickly available upholstery cleaners.

J.R Watkins Dish soap

Dish soaps are handy cleaners that can save your time and money in case of an emergency upholstery cleanup. Experts recommend using the diluted dish soap to clean small stains or odours. Scrub the stains with soap water with a soft-bristled brush or a microfiber cloth. Later wipe off the soap with a clean microfiber cloth after absorbing in the moisture. Finish off the cleaning by drying the area using a fan.

Lovesome white distilled vinegar

Adding a portion of white vinegar to the soap mixture helps in the cleaning of grease and odour from the upholstery. Vinegar is also an excellent disinfectant and good at fighting odours. Ensure that the vinegar and water solution is not saturated and is properly wiped off with a microfiber cloth.

Enzymatic cleaners

Enzymatic cleaners are essential upholstery cleaners that are quite helpful in removing bodily and food remnants such as chocolate blood or urine. The enzymes present in the cleaners eat and eliminate the organic matter in the stains. OdorXit Concentrate odour remover is one such enzymatic upholstery cleaner that removes the odour without a blemish.

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